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Glendale Water Softener Installation Services
Water Softener installation services by Pro Water Solutions.
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Pro Water Solutions, Inc.,
is Your Partner in Water Treatment, Filtration, and Purification. The best systems at the most affordable prices.


Our goal: To provide you and your family with the highest quality water at the lowest possible price.

Pro Water Solutions provides high quality solutions using the latest technology and innovative products. Whether you are interested in whole-house water treatment, water softeners, or basic, under-the-sink systems, Pro Water Solutions is ready to answer your questions and meet your needs.

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Water treatment in a business really isn't an option any more. It's a "must". Pro Water Solutions services a wide variety of businesses with widely varying water quality needs in Southern California.

Whether you're in the restaurant business, rental units, a commercial structure, water dispensing store, or convenience store, the commercial water treatment team at Pro Water Solutions is at your service.


Pro Water Solutions is highly proactive in the industry when it comes to well water treatment. Over the years, we have been able to apply available technology to effectively treat well water at prices you can afford, no matter what the contaminates are, or what the levels may be.

What was untreatable water in 2009, is treatable today. This new technology can be applied in almost any application. Water that once was considered undrinkable, is treatable today. Some wells are high in arsenic which can be treated today. Sulfur smell, or bad odor, can also be eliminated.

We can extract uranium and fluoride from well water. If you use a well, we can help you. The problems and loss of money water delivery causes will be a thing of the past.

For more information about well water treatment please call us toll-free and ask to speak to our well water technician...

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Carbon Removal and Rebedding

Pro Water Solutions offers complete turnkey services for the removal and rebedding of your hard-piped activated carbon system with our On-site Carbon Change Out Services for residential and commercial filtration systems.

Spent carbon is removed by a Pro Water Solutions trained field service technician. Pro Water Solutions offers on-site carbon exchange or regenerating services for permanent, hard-piped activated carbon systems. Carbon tanks deplete over time. We assure the customer the best application of the highest grade carbon available in today's market. Our service technicians mobilize on-site to remove and sequester the spent carbon in approved containers.

The service technicians will inspect the tanks internals and perform minor repairs prior to refilling the tanks with fresh, high grade, activated carbon. We are able to accommodate other media in addition to carbon. Please contact us for more details.

Standards and Regulations

Pro Water Solutions, Inc., adheres to a strict "customer first" approach and goes the "extra mile" to ensure that our products and services are safe, warranted, and meet NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) standards and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) regulations. These organizations are in place to make sure your family's home or business is safe from equipment and services that may put you or your loved ones health and well being at risk.

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